Core Services

Cello Aviation has the expertise to do all of this for you, ensuring your aircraft is managed and operated to optimum capability. The Cello Aircraft Management Team will make certain that your operational costs are supervised and minimised, taking into consideration all of the fundamental services required, including [but not limited to] the likes of aircraft maintenance, document management, pilot recruitment, crew training, operational support and lease return [or aircraft sales]. We can offer a ‘full 24/7/365 service’ to ensure that your aircraft is always ready for dispatch whenever you need it.

It may also be an option to add your aircraft to our UK Public Transport Air Operators Certificate (AOC), offering the aircraft to potential clients for commercial charter. This will enable you to generate ongoing financial income when you’re not using your aircraft.

If you’d like to discuss your aircraft management requirements call our commercial department on 0121 570 8700 or email us via:

Added Value

What can we offer? Here’s just a few of this services we can provide under the umbrella of Aircraft Management:

• Insurance advice
• Client Liaison
• Valuation and surveys
• Acceptance and Re-delivery
• Document Management
• Interior design and refit
• Quality, Safety Management and Airworthiness

• Fuel discount negotiation
• Flight planning
• Weather services
• Flight watching
• Generation of ongoing income
• Eurocontrol slot monitoring
• Overflight clearances, landing and handling permits

Thinking Ahead

In simple terms, the accuracy and state of your records = the value of the aircraft. It doesn’t matter whether you are operating an ABJ or an A320, if you don’t manage your records throughout your operating period you will be in for a big shock later down the line.

Whether you have purchased your aircraft or leased it, you need to think about tomorrow today. Too many owners/ lessees in aviation think they should worry about the value of the aircraft when they come to handback or sale: ‘we’ll sort that next year’- whereas in reality good records management starts from day one.

Cello can deliver excellent record management solutions that maintain the maximum operating and commercial value of your aircraft at all times. If you want the best possible return when tomorrow actually comes, you’ll be glad you thought ahead.

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